Good morning all xxx

Good morning all.

Bet you didn’t think you would see me back blogging again.

I have been finding it difficult to juggle my time since the Christmas season kicked in and rather frustratingly it has been my crafting and my blogging that appears to have taken the biggest hit. My ‘new job’ is now a year old and I’m really enjoying it. It does keep me pretty busy though and when you’ve had a tiring day it’s sometimes hard to want to do anything more than eat, bath & sleep haha.

Reflecting on my creative plans that I had last year –  I didn’t quite achieve everything that I had on my 16 for 16 list (boo) however I did make a good dent in it and it certainly gave me direction.

In the next week or so I will be creating another goals list for this year. Some of the items will be a continuation on last year’s however I am not sure there will be a whole 17 for 17 – especially as we are three months in nearly (eek) however I clearly need a bit of direction and accountability to keep me doing the things I love. I’ve said it before and I will say it again – it is REALLY easy to get caught up in ‘everyday life’ and focus more on the grind than making time for the things you love!!!

Back in January I started bullet journaling to hopefully enable me to manage my time more effectively as well as giving me just one space for all my plans and tasks. One of the best things I find with it is how therapeutic it can be to get all your ideas and to do’s out of your head and onto paper, rather than having a million things jostling about at once, as this is when I forget things and then get cross with myself lol.  I will post about my bullet journaling properly at some point but so far I am finding it really helpful. It is work in progress and some things have worked for me some have not, but you can just try something else if your finding its not working for you and keep going until you find what works. Most of the advice I read about it when I started considering bullet journaling said it can take some time for you to ‘find your feet’ with it, and what works best for you. It takes time to build a new successful habit of course.

I have a few things that I have done in my absent months that I will share with you in future posts, and we also have had some more travels to tell you all about too.

So this is just a quick hello, ‘I’m back’ and a ‘here’s where I am’ at and will be back with another post within the week.

Much love, Katie xxx




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Cowboy Hotpot xxx

Heres another slimming world recipe for you all.

This was not the greatest hit with me but not because it was a bad recipe. I didn’t pre cook the potatos for long enough before assembling the pie, so I ended up with some bits of potato that were a tad undercooked and not so nice where as other bits ended up burnt where I was trying to get the rest to cook through. Bit of a fail really however I will try it again as the flavours were pretty yummy.

I found this recipe on a fabulous blog that I found with a whole host of slimming world ideas on it. Full credit to the owner of this blog.

Heres the link



Much love,



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